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Payroll Services

For each business owner, payroll preparation is a very important and sensitive task - accuracy and confidentiality are key factors. We offer high quality payroll services so that our clients can devote their efforts elsewhere. We provide complete payroll processing or tailor our services to meet each client's needs.

The payroll tax rules for the Internal Revenue Service and the various State Departments of Revenue can be complicated. One important task is making certain all payroll tax deposits are made timely and accurately, ensuring costly penalty assessments are avoided. We assist our small business clients with their payroll activities to ensure they stay in compliance with such rules.

Below are some of the services we offer at Ackerman, Berquist & Co., Ltd.:

  • Prepare paychecks or direct deposit submissions
  • Prepare payroll registers
  • Schedule payroll tax remittances
  • Maintain employee payroll and vacation records
  • Remit retirement plan withholdings to plan administrators
  • Assist with unemployment audits and work comp audits
  • Prepare employment verifications as requested
  • Prepare federal and state quarterly payroll reports
  • Prepare W-2's and W-3's